martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010


3.Look at the photo on page 19 and complete the sentences with the prepositions.
There's a microwave on the washing machine.
There's a chest of drawers next to the bed.
There's a table in front of the sofa.
There's a mirror under the TV.
3.Complete the sentences with the correct present continuos form of the verb in brackets.
They are eating in the dining room.(eat)
Josh isn't watch TV in his bedroom.(not watch)
John's dad is talking on the phone in the kitchen.(talk)
Laura singing in the badroom.(sing)
My parents aren't walking to work.(not walk)
We travelling to our grandparents' house.(travel)
4.Look at the picture and complete the sentences using the verbs in the present continuos.
All the people are wearing expensive clothes.
The duchess are eating her soup.
There's something extra in the bowl,but she isn't look al it.
Someone are giving some food to the dog.
The dog is sitting behind the chairs.
The duke is describing his art collection to some of the guests.
The guests aren't listen to the duke.
The guests are chatting about horses!
5.Look at people in your class.Write affirmative and negative sentences about them using the present continuos.
Andrea is speaking with anoter person.She isn't watching TV.
1.Study the table.Then order the words to make questions.
Where is he walking?
What are they watching on TV?
Why is Ella going to bed now?
What is Mark doing tonight?
Is she making her bed?
Where are those people sitting?
3.Write questions.
Where is the cat sleeping?
Are Jane and Katy playing cards?
What is Luke making?
Where is Sara sitting?
Who is Keira talking about?
Thomas is cooking dinner?
Why is your friends dancing?
4.Study the examples.Then complete 1-6 with present simple or present continuos.
I walk to school every day.PS
She doesn't usually make her bed.PS
He's reading a magazine at the moment.PC
What's Mark doing now?PC
5.Complete the sentences with the present simple or present continuos form of the verbs.
Peter and James aren't study now.(not study)
Does Maria play basketball on Wednesdays?(play)
My parents working at the moment.(work)
Hi,Daniel.What are you doing here?(do)
They tidy their rooms once a week.(tidy)
Julie usually go to bed late.(go)
6.Write present simple and present continuos questions using the words in the squares.You can use the same words more than once.
Your are washing-up.
Why are you doing?
Who is having a shower?
Where is the floor?
3.Complete the sentences with and,but or because.
There's a table,but there isn't a chair.
We can't see because there isn't a light bulb.
There are two pictures and a mirror in the room.
It's got a kitchen,but it hasn't got a dining room.

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010


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